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Good for you + Delicious…

…together at last. The goal for us is simple…help you eat the best real food possible, as simply as possible. So you can fuel up and do more of the other stuff you love. We do that with super tasty prepared meals crafted locally from the really good stuff - responsibly sourced, all natural and super fresh ingredients in nutrient dense recipes that your body will love as much as your taste-buds do.

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Talented local makers

The culinary seasoning in this sauce comes from a network of great local chefs who bring their unique talents, interpretations and food specialties to the party. You get the diverse and interesting food stylings of lots of talented creators who share your values about knowing your food and can keep you excited about eating well, in a super convenient package.

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Easy to access close-by

Opt to pickup your food at a community spot nearby, or get it delivered straight to you wherever you choose. We deliver twice a week, Mondays and Thursdays, soon as the chefs finish up the goods for max freshness.

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Giving back with every meal

A portion of the proceeds from every meal our chefs make goes to support the good works of local nonprofits improving access to real food in underserved communities. So far we’ve given assists on cool stuff like after school programs that teach kids how to cook healthy meals for their family on a government assisted budget and a mobile farmers market that gets real food to places it doesn’t normally reach at affordable prices.

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Folks are saying nice things

Some rely on us to supplement their own cooking; others love having a delicious meal tucked away in their fridge for lunch; a handful count on us all week to fuel their active lives. Whatever your reason, we’re happy if we can help you eat better, move better and see all kinds of cool results.

  • What I love most about Power Supply is it puts my nutrition program on autopilot. At 10am and 2pm each day, I just pull the meal out of the fridge. 90 seconds later I have a hot, fresh, meal prepared by a gourmet personal chef!

    Chris Upham

    Customer Since 2011
    Movement place: CrossFit Old Town

  • I now understand what a portion is. The best part is that you can modify your meals, and you never really get bored with the food. [...] I’m energized. The experience has helped me figure out the things that don’t make you feel well, and the things that give you energy.

    Nicole D.

    Customer Since 2014
    Movement place: Vida Metropole

  • So I go to the doctor's on my 51st birthday, and I go back for my results, and the doctor comes in and says, "what did you do differently this year?!” —I have never ever felt better in my life. Once you get some positive results, it pushes you to want to do better too.

    Karen Hughes

    Customer Since 2013
    Movement place: Trident CrossFit