Patrick Smith

Catalyst in Chief, Founder

The designer and builder of the tech table under all this great food. Three-time entrepreneur, CrossFit’er, (mostly) Paleo eater, software engineer, DC startup community maven, keeper of the flame, recovering motorcycle enthusiast.

Jeff Kelley

Ops & Logistics Mastermind, Co-founder

The ops and food service innovator in our bunch. Former Army officer, food truck entrepreneur and DC community leader, events creator, master’s degrees (natural health and biz) holder, flag football speed back, active Harley owner.

Robert Morton

Storyteller, Co-founder

Our communicator and people person. Software exec turned intentional food/fitness advocate, sourcing nerd, lover of words, alumnus of great brands (Motley Fool, Blackboard), unabashed booster for local food community, mirth-seeker.

Josh Kriger

Culinary Architect, Co-founder

The menu creative and new frontier guy in our midst. Foodie (not the snobby kind), Bostonian, trier of everything, project manager, traveler, events creator, yoga practitioner, champion of goatees everywhere, philanthropy mover.

Steve Seeger

VP, Operations

Bio major turns great customer experience creator at orgs starting with an A like Apple. Add in Scuba instructor, ski geek and now functional fitness’er, and you’ve got just our kind of cat for making supping with us better.

MJ Wohlfeld

DMV Ops Maven

Retired (but not old) KC-130J pilot in the Marines. Hobbies include Trapeze and Tae Kwon Do, gardening, herding cats (two young boys, a husband and two kitties), and motor sports (anything with a engine that hauls butt, like dirt bikes and planes). Born-again foodie, addicted to wholesome ingredients!

Danielle Schaub

DMV Culinary Manager

Dietitian (the foodie kind), distance runner, puppy mom, baker & home-brewer, giant Steelers fan, Cornell & Hopkins grad, master of public health & promoter of happiness.

Jen Burdick

DMV Community Engager

Mission driven, people centered, believer of clean food magic, bearer of joy, an artist on the side, with an eye always toward design. Fitness journey turned pirouettes to barbell, food journey from sickness to healing.

Amanda Smith

DMV Community Builder

Tech start-up gal, Paleo baker and Power Supply Chef veteran (Out of the Box Bakery). Collegiate heptathlete turned lover of barbells, yoga mats, and food. Customer service pro, events guru, community manager, people person, cat person.

Sophie Townsend

Baltimore Community Builder

Sports obsessed, overly competitive, passion driven, former collegiate lacrosse player. Political science major turned food and health enthusiast. Beach native with a love of all things water. Big believer in the phrase, “there’s an app for that.” Dog lover, and a triplet (no we’re not identical).

Walter Polio

Meal Moving Maestro

Our master of meal conveyance, Walter’s a veteran of 8 years in the catering logistics world making sure folks get delicious eats just as they want them. A soccer buff and movie lover, you’ll find Walter on a local pitch somewhere when he’s not stewarding the delivery effort for our little bundles of meal joy in DC-MD-VA.

Devika Mohabir

LA Ops Maven

Geologist turned marketer turned paleo food entrepreneur. Midwest native finding bliss out west. Polyfitness’er, with CrossFit, yoga and surfing in the mix. Music, travel and food high on the love list too. Above all, passionate charger for helping people live healthier lives.

Riley Rearden

LA Culinary Manager

Biochem nerd with a background in research, and a passion for helping people feel like their best and least-stressed selves. Grounded by ocean activities and horses. LA Power Supply's Manager of "Freaking Great Food" and unofficial Ambassador of Aloha!

Stefan Niemczyk

LA Community Manager

Le Cordon Bleu trained chef, collegiate athlete, competitive CrossFit’er, retired actor, full time intentional eating enthusiast, and passionate creator of Paleo meal company Elite Eats, now part of Power Supply.

Alia Dong-Stewart

LA Community Builder

Rowing enthusiast, CrossFit coach, surfer and Disney fanatic. Self proclaimed coffee snob and lover of all types of food. Loves supporting the local community and spreading the word of how a healthy diet can be life changing.

Tao Tao Wang

SF Ops Maven

Ops + supply chain enthusiast, baking/cooking fanatic, foodie esp sushi and matcha, crossfitter, runner, swimmer, overall fan of being active, Southerner to Midwesterner to living the Cali life, Michigan and Purdue grad

Bill Holdenstern

SF Culinary Manager

SF Bay Area native, grew up running around grandma's fruit/veggie garden, reaping rewards (beautifully home cooked meals/pies) of kitchen dwelling. Self-started catering (from bbq to baked goods); line cook through uni (UMA/USF). Fueled by scaling food production platforms. Passionate outdoorsman, backpacking, x-country skiing, and fishing galore.

Stephanie Sharp

SF Community Builder

CrossFit coach, box owner, gymnast, Mommy, bibliophile, Pisces, equal parts barbell and butterflies. Building and engaging maniac with a major coffee addiction, who snorts when it’s really, really funny.

Kristina Milova

SF Community Builder

Lover of all things movement related, athletic prowess from early days (circus, ballet, jazz, hipop/latin dance), wanderlust, previous life in fashion design + dance instructing + personal training. Supremely enjoys helping others reach their fitness, nutritional, and personal life goals. Huge foodie, especially with the right glass of vino.

Brian Wilson

Dallas Ops Maven

US Marine turned CrossFit gym owner turned classical literature teacher. Settin' up PS in new cities. Spends entirely too much time casting aside his country roots through theater, art shows and the high points of the western canon.

Carina Parikh

Dallas Culinary Manager

Functional movement enthusiast, chef, coach (CrossFit, basketball, & cross country), coffee lover, and puppy owner with a background in nutrition and medical research. Passionate about helping people heal their bodies through food and fitness.

Paul Anderson

Dallas Community Builder

Marine Combat Fitness Instructor, CrossFit and spin coach, lover all of sports, music enthusiast, and proud dog dad. Dallas native who thrives on team and community building and will never turn down a deep convo.

Audrey Pichy

Geo Expansion Support

French native w/ natural culinary instincts; travel and adventure addict. Jackie-of-all-trades, she combines her Int’l Business degree with her thrill seeking nature to support PS' City Expansion on all fronts. Outdoor lover; a Survivor fanatic; an avid biker.

Scot Peterson

Geo Relationship Builder

Community engager, new location relationship builder. CrossFitter (and internal double under champ at 350+ unbroken), Special Olympics coach, car geek, gear enthusiast and follower of all (literally all) sports.

Hilary Straw

Happiness Organizer

The one who keeps our merry little band happy with all sorts of benefits, organizational and general problem solving goodness. Former artist, paralegal, and mortgage pro, spice profile perfectionist, ethnic food nommer and glass blower enthusiast. An exercise journeywoman who's recently fallen in love with Orange Theory Fitness.

Erin Ryan

Content Muse

Helpful stuff reporter, useful info sharer, believer in people. Veteran of many a stage, Erin loves to sing, dance, and teach barre. She also drinks her weight in plant protein daily. Enjoys absorbing food + fit knowledge around the clock. Fav word in the English language: HOPE.

Kevin Beddingfield

Systems Engineer

Seahawks' #1 fan. Official Power Supply Dungeon Master. Writes a lot of code; we're talking thousands of lines of code. Philosophy major, riffing daily about the goodness of bacon and coffee.

Casey Provost

Systems Engineer

Peddler of bikes, coding machine, and coolest dad ever. Usually found hacking away on a Mac, cooking in the kitchen, and almost anywhere there is food. Mountains of coffee daily.

Trisha Hadley

UX Engineer

Digital nomad, live music connoisseur (never misses a sunday show), prefers cool weather to warm, amateur hiker, snowboarder, waterskiier, yogi, UIUC & Georgetown grad. Lingering academic interests: creativity + mindfulness.

Paul Mederos

UX Captain

Technosorcerer, lead internal backflip entertainment provider, and designer of bespoke, artisanal, hand-crafted digital experiences (/sarcasm). Retired pro freerunner. Terrible chef, but great wine drinker. Lover of all.

Chris Salvato

Growth + Visibility Mastermind

The official Business Quantitator and Shiner of Light, he decodes the masses of data that help us run. More importantly, he helps people eat and enjoy their food. Enjoys standing on his hands, hanging from rings, and riding moguls.

Michele Hodeda

Nutrition Analyst Consultant

Los Angeles native. Sunshine and house music addict. Food scientist, nutritionist, chef, food blogger, and general lover of whole foods. Provider of clean-food cooking inspo and amateur food photographer. Passionate about exotic superfoods and helping others reach their health goals.

Lela ButteryQueen, MS

Nutrition & Sourcing Consigliere

Biologist turn barista. Lela owns a paleo bakery and coffee bar in Venice, Ca. She is an author and natural communicator offering instruction on reclaiming our relationship with food. She can be found on her off days leading underwater guided scuba and marine science tours on Catalina Island.

Cara Zaller, CNC, FDN

Nutrition Advisor

Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Certified Nutrition Consultant, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Consultant, CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level II, Certified Metabolic Effect Nutrition Consultant.

Melanie Rowland, MS

Nutrition Advisor

Retired army officer, holder of MS in Biochemistry and Human Nutrition, Owner/Director of Nutrition Science, CrossFit Coach, and all around passionate advocate for helping people transform their lives through proper nutrition.